The Great TVless Experiment: Days Two and Three

Day two wasn’t that eventful and thankfully not painful.  I did forget to mention a moment my son asked, “What do you want me to make for dinner tomorrow, Mom?”  Translation:  If I cook dinner, can I watch TV?

I said, “How about you cook up an apology for your dad?”

“I did.”

“Really?  Did it involve begging to have your consequences removed?”

He did apologize. That’s a great start.

Day three: today.  The kids seem to be fighting less already and are taking time to bond with each other, like looking at road kill.  I came home today and when my boys should have been home, they had wandered off together to look at a dead cat, after which they described it in great detail.  Yesterday it was a dead rat right in our cul-de-sac.

This no TV thing might be a terrible idea.


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