The Meaning of Easter

I try to teach my kids what Easter is all about and why we really celebrate it.  It’s not about the Easter bunny, candy, eggs, the horrible fake grass that ruins your vacuum cleaner, etc.

But it’s also not about wet M&M’s.

A few years ago I noticed something when I was filling eggs for an egg hunt – small holes in the plastic eggs.  Intentional holes.  Why?  The candy needs to breathe?  Because a child might shove a large egg down their throat and choke?  The holes weren’t there when I was a kid!  As a side note, the small plastic eggs should be discontinued because they will kill children.  Small plastic eggs also mean less candy and no one wants that.

Dear plastic egg people:

Plastic eggs with holes + wet grass = Wet candy

Do you live in Arizona?  That might explain something.  I live in Western Washington.  I dare you to find me one dry lawn in the month of April.  Maybe you like making children cry?  They work so hard to find the eggs, only to find the candy is inedible.

The parents want to cry because we’re now stuck buying expensive pre-filled eggs when we just want to buy bulk candy that’s on sale.

It’s not right.  If we’re going to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior with candy for whatever reason, wet Jelly Bellies are not the way to do it.  If we want the kids not to eat the food inside the plastic eggs, we might as well pack them with salad.

Bring back the plastic eggs that allow us to be as cheap as we want to be!