“Products of Conception”

I’ve read a lot of blogs, articles, and comments on my Facebook newsfeed lately about the “Center for Medical Progress” that secretly recorded conversations with various people from Planned Parenthood.  I’m not trying to change any minds here because I don’t think that’s possible, but I just want to speak my mind.

These are some of the defenses of these videos:

“FACT CHECK: Those videos have been heavily edited!  They don’t sell body parts!  They’re being reimbursed for their expenses!”  Everyone thinks they’re the first to point out to their pro-life friends that the videos have been edited in an unflattering way.  I’m still trying to figure out how the full videos make it sound any better.

“Only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions!  They do so much for women!”

“Planned Parenthood offers birth control and STD testing!”

The whole point is being missed.  No matter how those videos are edited, this is some of the most calloused behavior I have ever seen.  Joking that all the baby organs are going to buy her a Lamborghini.  Giggling that if they had asked for samples 10 minutes ago, they could have had some, but now all the samples from that day are mixed up together in a bag.  To avoid being too inflammatory, I won’t mention what this reminds me of.

A human being has been torn apart and stuffed into a bag.  And that’s funny?  How many were there that day?  Who were these children going to grow up to be?  We’ll never know.

Whenever I hear abortionists discuss the procedure, I feel like the language used is all about self-deception.  If you use the right words, you can convince yourself it’s not a living human being even though you’re picking through a pie dish that contains a human heart, human brain, human eyes, human skull, human liver, human kidneys, human legs, human arms, etc.  I’ve heard terms like “terminating the pregnancy” vs. killing the fetus.  It just sounds nicer.  Killing a fetus isn’t nice though, so let’s stop pretending.  If an abortion is absolutely necessary, as in cases where a mother’s life needs to be saved, it’s still absolutely heart breaking.

In the most recent video (#5?), the featured PP employee referred to the parts (that are supposedly not for sale) as “the products of conception”.  In discussing the “donation” of an intact cadaver, they didn’t have a listing price for that, so they could just list each baby part instead.  “Line items”.  She referred to a human’s various parts as line items!

Planned Parenthood can get more money for an intact (human) cadaver and this woman struggles to find the words as she admits that it depends on the pain tolerance level of the mother whether they can remove the fetus in one piece.  She confirms it is done under conscious sedation, but they can only give so much sedative until that has maxed out.  Are they really considering her well being?  How much pain will she suffer afterwards?  Will her fertility be affected in the future?  If a woman needs more sedative, that is a clear indication to stop whatever is being done to her.  You don’t change the abortion method because someone wants some good quality samples!

They are putting women through more pain/risk to get better samples for more revenue.  I don’t think that can be denied.  This doesn’t sound like an organization that puts women first.

I hate abortion with a passion, but if it is here to stay, shouldn’t the #1 priority be doing what is safest and least painful for the mother while also treating the fetus (baby!) as humanely as possible?  Dogs are put down with more consideration.

Considering the level of dishonesty here and unethical behavior, can we really trust that abortions only make up 3% of their services?  Can we trust that none of the funding is going towards abortions as they claim?  Does all of their “good” justify continued public funding of their organization?  Obamacare is now supposed to supply birth control, STD testing, etc.  I’m reading that PP is the only place some women can get health services.  OK, in those same areas, where do men get their prostates checked?  There aren’t any doctor offices?  Where does everyone go for a sinus infection?  I’m pretty sure those same places can check for STD’s, do pap smears, breast exams, and more.

Another common criticism is that Republicans only care about these babies until they’re born, but then they don’t want to pay for the baby’s welfare.


This is to assume that the only choices are either abortion or raising the baby.  Adoption is an option! Yes, it’s incredibly difficult to go through, but killing a growing fetus is not difficult?  As a woman who tried to get pregnant for two years, I remember well what a slap in the face this was every time I heard about someone being upset they were pregnant.  Why couldn’t they be the infertile ones?

After a lot of prayer (begging God incessantly), I finally found out I was expecting my first baby.  In an early ultrasound, I watched his heart beat and was amazed to see him bouncing around as I laughed, which only made me laugh harder.  It was strange to think that my dream come true was another woman’s worst nightmare.  But if she were to keep her baby, she had no idea how much she would love them.

During an ultrasound with my fourth child, I cried tears of joy just watching her kidneys function.  I didn’t know yet that she would be my first girl.  I was just so happy to see she was healthy.  I had no idea that somewhere a baby the same age was having their organs harvested after being aborted.  At this stage, she was clearly reacting to me.  I would nudge her and she would push back.  Whenever I talked, she would stop moving as if she were listening.  I felt like she already knew me.

I saw a comment that Republicans just want to punish people for having sex since apparently they don’t want PP to give people birth control.  This is another cheap shot.  I’m not speaking for all Republicans, but what I want is for people to recognize that sex is a very serious decision rather than recreation they are entitled to.  Creating a life should be taken just as seriously as taking a life.  And in the making of a life that is unwanted, one is then tempted to take that life.

I’m sure if everyone had their wish, procreation would involve two people pushing a button in agreement that they would like to have a baby.  Sex would be purely just for feeling good.  There seems to be some resentment towards reality.

I’ve also read comments that this isn’t much different than being an organ donor.  I believe there is a huge difference.  An organ donor is either already dead or brain dead.  No one rips off their arms and legs and crushes their skull in order to donate their parts.  And they are certainly treated with a lot more dignity like being given a proper burial and a memorial service.  Everyone will have stories to tell about their friend and relative who saved lives with their organs.  A fetus whose parts are donated for whatever purposes?  They never got to have a name.  I guess we’re supposed to feel OK about this because that child would have grown up poor anyway and would have been a drain on society.  Nevermind countless individuals who climbed out of poverty and became some of the best people who have ever lived.

I now have five children.  Five “products of conception”.  Five sets of “line items”.  I’m so grateful for each one of them and can’t imagine my life without them.


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