“Start at Beelzebub!”

Do you ever take a step back and realize something you said would sound really wrong to an outsider?

A while back I went sheet music shopping with some of my students to try to find them something they would be passionate about.  Something that would really make them stretch themselves.  The 15-year-old boy I teach ended up choosing “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  That thing is a mammoth!  Accidentals galore!  Some crazy fingering and rhythms.  But it’s fun!

We have been working on it section by section.  It’s sometimes painful because it requires so much thinking.  Then the other day I just cracked up because I told him, “Start at Beelzebub!”  I’m pretty sure this is the only song that will ever cause me to utter this phrase.  I’m 100% sure my piano teacher never said it to me.

OK, now imagine this on the piano.


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