No Sugar: Day Four

No, I’m not going to document every single day that I’m off sugar.  That would even bore me to tears.  I just want to state that this time around isn’t as hard.  I’m having moments of, “Hey, I think I’d like to eat some ice cream.” but then I remember, “Oh yeah.  I’m off sugar.”  I don’t feel extremely deprived.  I’m not experiencing headaches or more fatigue than usual.  Like I could feel more fatigued anyway with a baby who’s been fighting an ear infection and never slept much to begin with.

I haven’t cut out cereal yet.  I’ll do that when my baby is completely better and she’s being more reasonable when it comes to me not holding her all day.

Today I had a large helping of watermelon and also some chips.  One thing at a time.  The chips will be on my no list soon.

No, don’t tell me, “Fruit has sugar in it.”  I’m not cutting out natural sugar.  I will lessen it over time, but fruit has nutrients that I need.


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