Jennifer Thomas: A Brilliant Performer Who Is Also LDS

Who is Jennifer Thomas?  She is a classically trained pianist, violinist, and composer who is as beautiful and kind as she is talented.  In the time it takes the average pianist to play a half note, Jennifer has played approximately 50 notes with her four hands.

I met Jennifer in the Fall of 2013 after I was accepted as a Soprano into the newly formed Ensign Symphony & Chorus.  I had some brief exchanges with her, but mostly I stared in awe as she seemed to play everything with such ease.  Did I tell her then how dreamy her hair is or did I just think it in my head?  I’ve told her since then.  That’s some seriously dreamy hair.

BandW Jenniferpiano

Did I exaggerate about the hair?  No I did not.  Photocred: Ron Southworth

I didn’t even detect a hint of nervousness on stage – as if this were a relaxing spa treatment for her.  I wondered how on earth we scored such an awesome pianist from the beginning.   She had to take maternity leave and I was later pleasantly surprised to learn that Jennifer is quite accomplished and has a following.  I like to call her fans “Groupies with taste”.

Family Photo March 2015

Photocred: Ron Southworth


Amazingly, Jennifer’s husband, Will Thomas, was even able to quit his job so they could focus on her career together.  It is a total team effort that would not be possible without him.  Maybe you’re wondering, “Then why haven’t I heard of her?”  Do you know John Williams?  Yes, he wrote all of those awesome soundtracks to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Harry Potter, Jaws, Jurassic Park, and more.  But do you know what he looks like?  Probably not.  You do know that those movies would not be the same at all without his epic music.

Chances are, you have heard Jennifer’s music and you don’t know it.  It has been featured in ice skating championships, sports placements, and more.  When I listen to her music, I think how much of it belongs in a full length film.  I do believe she will become a household name.  Also, she looks gorgeous in an evening gown, unlike John Williams.


Jennifer holding her youngest son whom she hasn’t seen in days due to concerts and traveling. Photocred: Will Thomas

With her new Christmas album “Winter Symphony”, Jennifer ventured into choral composition, which was a beautiful addition and something I was blessed to be a part of.  You know how some musicians take your favorite Christmas songs and ruin them?  Jennifer doesn’t do that.  Jennifer would never slaughter your favorite Christmas song, nor would she compose a horrible, original Christmas song (nods to “Christmas Shoes”).  Born with a romantic soul, Jennifer gives new life to your favorite Christmas songs and a new appreciation for them.  Many composers can churn out arrangements of Christmas classics, but often provide the sense that it’s a quick money-maker.  This is not the case with Jennifer.


Excited fans line up to meet Jennifer at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Photocred: Will Thomas

To the LDS world:  Start taking notice of this extraordinary woman! has been posting “12 Days of Social” and “Alleluia” would have been an excellent choice as it truly is Christ centered.  Watch it and tell me the new star in the sky didn’t make you cry a little.  I know Baby Jesus made you cry!

Mothers Day 2014

Mothers Day 2014 – Photocred: Will Thomas

You. Love. Her.  You just don’t know it yet.  This mother of three adorable little boys has received multiple awards and nominations due to her passion, lifetime of hard work, and determination.  This is not your typical “LDS artist”.  She’s not a Mormon who writes Mormon music for other Mormons.  She is a faithful LDS woman with unique gifts that can bless people throughout the world.


She plays the piano in the forest, people!  I’m not sure what else you want. Photocred: Tel Stewart

We Mormons have been quick to claim many LDS entertainers as our own – Jon Heder, Brandon Flowers, Stephenie Meyer, and more.  I have known Jennifer’s work to always be praiseworthy and of good report.  It’s not even possible to be filled with bitter jealousy towards her because she’s incredibly nice, going to great lengths to make sure others are given credit where credit is due, recognizing the value of everyone who takes part in her masterpieces, and she personally thanks each fan whenever possible.


WS - v4 16-9

Photocred: Will Thomas


You can explore her music on Pandora here and she also has a holiday station that features songs from Winter Symphony, which can be purchased on Amazon, Googleplay, iTunes, and

Merry Christmas!


5 comments on “Jennifer Thomas: A Brilliant Performer Who Is Also LDS

  1. Dan Thomas says:

    Good article! Then I am biast I am her father-in-law!

  2. […] Source: Jennifer Thomas: A Brilliant Performer Who Is Also LDS […]

  3. Tessha says:

    Very well written. I couldn’t agree more. We wish her the very best and delight to see her contributions to take it’s rightful place in hearts and homes everywhere. She brings a part of the sympathies and expressions of heaven to our temporary human existence. It’s a divine calling she magnifies well. We love her all the more for it.

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