And Now For Something Totally Random

I asked some friends what I should blog about.  One friend replied, “Cats. Math homework. Cats doing math homework. Donald Trump. Donald Trump showing a cat how to do math homework.”

Several others said “food” because it’s non-controversial.  I think that’s usually true, but then some people are offended by anything non-vegan, anything that has gluten, GMO’s, non-organic, etc.  Other people are offended by kale. People can be offended by almost anything these days.

We also had some inside jokes including “barium enemas”, “hair removal equality”, “glitter”, and others.

The question is, could I incorporate all of these into a story?  I’m feeling really tired today – like the creative juices aren’t flowing at all.  It felt like the nightmare I had last night lasted forever.  For some reason, I had the opportunity to visit my sister, but I was required to fly there in my underwear.  All I could think about was how pictures of me in my underwear would be viral by the time I got off the plane.

Maybe I’ll dream about all of the above tonight.





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