Mom Fail #672

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I have five children.  Life can be kind of chaotic at times.  There are rare moments when I praise myself for my excellent memory and planning.

Not only did I remember my son had a birthday party to go to, I was going to buy the birthday boy a present at the perfect time.  GO ME!!! I made my grocery list and I remembered to bring a gift bag and tape before we left for the store.  I wasn’t going to be suckered into buying another gift bag because I forgot to bring one with me.

We purchased all of our food items and finally settled on a gift for my son’s friend.  This is always a fun negotiation because with five children, I have strict price limits on gifts for friends.  I find myself telling them, “I wouldn’t even buy you a gift that expensive!”

Feeling victorious, we went to the checkout and I searched my wallet for my cards.  One section was totally empty.  I flashed back to yesterday when I was going through my paper clutter and briefly noticed my baby had gotten a hold of my wallet.  I thought I caught her just in time.  Of course, she didn’t remove gift cards, punch cards, rewards cards, etc.  No, she grabbed all of my bank cards!

And did you know Fred Meyer doesn’t take IKEA gift cards?  Or Gene Juarez?  Or Bed, Bath, & Beyond?

I dropped my son off presentless.

It’s not that bad really.  The other day I almost set the house on fire.


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