Fuller House: Still Lame After All These Years

When I was growing up, my sister had a crush on “Uncle Jesse” aka John Stamos, so I was often subjected to the awful show that was Full House.  I think it was the bad acting/unfunny jokes/lame storylines that impacted me the most.

But today when I saw “Fuller House” on Netflix, I became morbidly curious.  How would they write Michelle/Mary Kate Olsen/Ashley Olsen out of the script?  I would watch one episode for that reason and to see how old everyone got.

Bob Saget looked the most different to me out of everyone with the exception of the kids who had grown up.  John Stamos and whatever his wife’s name is – they apparently found the fountain of youth.  It was hard to not be filled with bitter envy towards them both.

When they finally addressed the absence of Michelle, they said she was too busy working on her fashion empire and all of them glared at the camera sarcastically.  Now let’s say Mary Kate and Ashley did decide to do the show.  Would they split up the scenes between them like when they were two?  I can imagine that would feel mildly insulting, plus maybe they grew up and decided, “This show is really stupid.   How many times is the audience going to laugh at the line ‘How rude’?”

One thing I noticed was the show was listed on the Netflix kids’ account and is rated TV-G, so I was quite shocked to see Jodie Sweetin sporting some rather over-the-top cleavage.  It was totally unnecessary, not attractive, and I’m pretty sure there was some tape involved.  “OH NO!!!  SHE’S JUMPING!!!” I exclaimed in horror.  “Ohhhhhh ….. Now she’s hugging her male TV relatives.  That’s not weird at all.  The 80’s called and wants their cleavage back.”

Call me a prude, but I draw the line when part of the underboob makes an appearance.  It doesn’t belong on a TV-G show.  Who decided she should wear that?  I think we could all see Jodie Sweetin is all grown up without that.  I want to say though, I think she grew up to be quite beautiful.  I’m just not happy with her wardrobe choices for what’s supposed to be a family show.

That’s all I’m watching.  It was just too painful.  But I thought I would give a warning to anyone who might decide it’s a good idea to watch it with their family.



4 comments on “Fuller House: Still Lame After All These Years

  1. Marielli says:

    I’ve been watching it just too see how big they’ve all gotten but it is true her wardrobe is a bit much. And I wish the twins were on the show they did make it good.

  2. […] It is indeed family friendly and doesn’t include any unwanted cleavage like Fuller House.   I think they should make another one where the fan is stationary.  I think a good name would […]

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