It’s been a very busy couple weeks, but I just have to write about VidAngel!  I had seen the name a few times in ads, but I don’t usually try anything new until a friend has vouched for how awesome it is.  After a couple friends mentioned it and then my brother-in-law, I decided I definitely wanted to try it out.  Because I’m a follower.

Between my religious beliefs, personal preferences that I would have anyway, and having children whose ears and eyes I want to protect, I was so excited at the thought of being able to watch movies with them that have “That one scene” taken out that didn’t need to be in there in the first place, or those few swear words.

When I was growing up, many of my favorite movies were edited for TV and I was shocked to learn what they were really like.  One time I bought Stand By Me not realizing it was Rated R.

Me:  Kiefer?  WHAT?!  YOU WATCH YOUR MOUTH KIEFER SUTHERLAND!!!  What is this rated anyway?  R?!!!  I BOUGHT A RATED R MOVIE?!

That’s not to say that PG-13 movies are wholesome.  I avoid a lot of those too depending on the theme, but as a rule I don’t rent Rated R movies.

Christmas Vacation was another movie we bought and turned off after five minutes.  I had no clue there was so much profanity because I had only seen it on TV.

Thanks to VidAngel, I can watch movies and laugh a lot without a bunch of cringing thrown in.  I also have to say, they are really awesome about responding when I have a question.  I’m talking less than five minutes!  I have had to contact them a couple times now and they were so prompt and courteous.

They also won my heart on April Fools Day by promoting “VidDevil” – joking that it was a new service they had that only showed the parts of movies that are filtered out. Read the reviews, especially the one from Donald Trump .

When you rent from VidAngel, you have to choose at least one filter, but it can be something like the opening credits, closing credits, or even filtering out Jar Jar Binks!  I laughed so hard when I saw that.  Not that I’m expecting Jar Jar to show up in anything but Star Wars, but I like knowing I’m protected just in case.

VidAngel is having a promotion until April 9th.  If you can get 5 people to sign up AND watch a movie by April 9th, you get free movies for a year!  They said the average is 67, so to be safe, they’re giving people $150 in free movie rentals.  If in SD rather than HD, that’s 150 movie rentals!  My kids ask every morning, “How many people have signed up and watched a movie?”

We only need two more people.  Please, Internet.  Make my kids’ dreams come true.  While friends are going on surprise Disneyland trips for Spring Break (where we will probably never go considering we haven’t even been able to go visit my in-laws in 6 years), my children are elated by the idea of watching 150 movies for free because they know I won’t say yes to renting a movie near as often as they would like.

If you want to sign up, please click here.  Thank you!

Have any questions about VidAngel?  I’m happy to answer them!  I spent quite a while explaining to friends the concept of “selling back” the movies.  So your first rental, you’re charged $20 because you’re paying $1 to rent it and paying $19 for a license, which allows you to filter it.  When you “return” the movie (easiest thing in the world since you’re streaming it), they refund $19 into your VidAngel account rather than back on your credit card.  Every rental after that, your credit card will be charged $1.  They then take the $19 out of your VidAngel account, put it back, take it out, put it back again, etc.  You can also own the movie and opt not to return it.

There are two options for selling back – automatic and manual.  If you choose automatic, it is sold back as soon as the movie is over.  If you choose manual, you can watch it as many times as you want for 24 hours.  They will even send you warning emails letting you know it’s almost time to sell it back.  Cool, huh?  I didn’t know these things at first, so when we chose automatic sellback and my husband still wanted to watch the movie the next day, I was a little disappointed, but I wrote to VidAngel and they gave us a $1 credit considering we’re new and clueless about such things.

Give it a try!  Where else can you be guaranteed Jar Jar free viewing?  😀


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