Worst. Election. Ever.

I wrote this on Facebook way back in October (2015). Some people thought I was worrying about nothing.  Are my worst political fears being realized?

Trump vs Hillary

This scares me. It scares me probably 10x more than evil clowns. Please, please, please no. I will now name 10 people I would rather see as president than these two.

1. Gilbert Gottfried
2. The guy from the Old Spice commercials.
3. Whoever invented mayonnaise. They’re probably dead, but they would still make a great choice in comparison.  (To explain, I hate mayonnaise a lot.)
4. Fran Drescher
5. That exhibitionist who used to dance with a jump rope at the vacant corner lot in Fairwood when I was a kid. He’s probably still alive too. All that exercise kept him young.
6. Meatloaf (Not the singer. The meat.)
7. A lamp
8. That guy at the karaoke bar who got mad when Naomi said she was going to sing Bohemian Rhapsody.
9. Pretty much any 2-year-old.
10. John Cusack. Because he holds a radio over his head and it’s awesome. 

Who/what would you rather see as president?



3 comments on “Worst. Election. Ever.

  1. The Dog Whisperer or any of his dogs.

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