Being Fat And Going To An Amusement Park

A friend invited me and my kids to her daughter’s birthday party at a place called Wild Waves.  I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager!  I always loved rides.  I wanted anything fast that went upside down.

There were so many rides I wanted to go on yesterday, but the signs said some of the rides wouldn’t be able to accommodate “large guests”.  They have signs that say, “Must be this tall to ride.”  What if they had some that said, “Must not be wider than this to go on this ride?”  That might be helpful.

I really wasn’t sure if the lap bar would close all the way if I went on the rides and I didn’t want to do the walk of shame out of there if I didn’t fit.  I wondered, “How much will I have to lose before I know I will fit for sure?”  That could be a great motivator for me.

When we went to the water park side, I was able to enjoy myself a little more, although I wondered about the weight limit on the tube slides. Was there some genius engineer who discovered that’s what the tube can handle?  Or will a person heavier than x amount die on that ride or be seriously injured?  I did the long climb up to ride the “Rip Tide”, which everyone calls “The Toilet”.  There was no turning back.  I exerted myself way too much to not go down the toilet, even if it meant I might be maimed or killed.  I was right at the limit.  What if I got stuck in the toilet?  Imagine the headlines.  “Obese woman plugs ‘The Toilet’ at Wild Waves.”  “Woman had to be airlifted out of ‘The Toilet'”.

I’m relieved to say that I made it out of the toilet in one piece!  Wait – that sounded wrong.

I haven’t had an exact weight loss goal in mind, but by next summer, I want to ride all the fun rides with my kids/not wonder if I’m going to die due to the laws of physics!  We’ll start there.


4 comments on “Being Fat And Going To An Amusement Park

  1. Cp says:

    Hubby couldn’t even ride the toilet.

  2. I recently went on a school trip with my son’s school. I found the coach seats too tight and the rollercoaster seat really uncomfortable. I would also really like to just go and enjoy an outing without feeling like I’m the wrong size for the world.

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