A Heart to Heart With a Scammer

I’ve made a few more videos where I waste the time of scammers, but what I wasn’t expecting was to be told by the fake IRS that I didn’t owe money.  Some of the scammers leave messages for people that they have a warrant out for their arrest and others don’t.  I think when I called this particular number the other day, they were one call center that doesn’t leave messages for people to call them back because they immediately said it “wasn’t possible” that I owed money.

If you don’t want to watch 20 minutes of conversation, here are the highlights (that I remember off the top of my head).  But it is pretty funny and I think you’ll be amused.  😀

The first guy told me to go celebrate.  “Go have a beer.”  I told him I didn’t drink beer.  I couldn’t really understand what he said next, but I think he told me to live a little or something.  I asked him, “How many people have you arrested today?”

I definitely thought he was going to hang up, but he transferred me to his “senior” who called himself “Jack Sparrow”.  Their “work day” was coming to a close soon, so it seemed they were just in the mood to play.  Or maybe they’ve made some notes that I’m the lady who calls and tells them I can’t pay the IRS because I spent my last $1,000 on marshmallows, or that I thought jail sounded like a nice vacation, and my most recent tactic – pretending I was on my way to Fred Meyer to pick up a voucher, but accidentally running over an old lady in my panicked state.  They emphasize a lot that if you hang up, you will go to jail for sure, so I wondered what they would say if I needed to call an ambulance.  The scammer said, “No.”  He said he would hold though while I applied first aid.  Maybe if my performance had been convincing enough?  I tell ya, next time I’m going all the way to the store.  It will be a long drive and I will sing all the way there.

This idea was based off of real events in which a panicked person got in a car accident and left the scene because he had been told he had one hour before he was going to jail.

Anyway, my conversation with “Jack Sparrow” was fascinating.  I didn’t yell at him – just asked him questions.  He told me about his piratey ways.  He’s a bit profane, so be forewarned.  I did notice though that his swearing decreased throughout our conversation.  He started saying “frickin'” instead of the F-bomb.  I think because I wasn’t swearing at him.

“Which scam are you running today?” I asked.

“Wouldn’t you feel better if you were doing honest work?  Something where you could make your mother proud?”

He told me Fridays they do the IRS scam.  I said, “And then Windows Computer on Mondays?”  He said, “No, only lame people do that scam.”  He added that it doesn’t make much money.  He laughed when I told him how angry I made one of those scammers.  He doesn’t take offense at scambaiters.  He flat out said that he’s a scammer.  Today he was being a “truthful scammer”.  He didn’t like my name because it wasn’t simple enough.  What’s not simple about Ivana Tinkle?

People scam for all sorts of reasons. In the US, we have plenty of opportunity, yet we still have scammers.  But this guy claimed that he was over a group of 20 disabled people who couldn’t get jobs.  He said they don’t exist to the Indian government.  He doesn’t have legs and claims he can’t get a real job.

Of course, I have no way of knowing if that’s true because he lies for a living, but he did say my number was sold to them a couple days ago and that I should change it soon because it was on a database and thousands of people have access to it.  I explained that the previous owners of the number had already ruined that for us and I was already accustomed to ignoring phone calls.  Plus he didn’t seem to understand that I love scam calls because if they’re talking to me, maybe I saved one vulnerable person.

He told me about other scams and said I can read about others on the FTC website.  I couldn’t help but crack up at this guy!  If it’s true that he can’t get a job because he’s disabled, I feel slightly bad for him.  I wish I still had neighbors from India because I would be asking them about how the disabled are treated there.

Jack also said he makes the final decision as to whether they’re going to follow through with ripping a person off.  He said if they have cancer, he’s not going to scam them.  Well, how kind!  He said mostly they rip off those between the ages of 25 to 40.  They justify it because most of them are working and they’re desperate not to go to jail because they’re just married, single moms, etc.  Obviously he has no clue that many of those people are drowning in debt.

I had a good laugh when I told him what a nightmare it is to get a hold of the real IRS and he laughed, saying he knew because he’s tried it and it takes 45 minutes.  I wonder why he was calling?  Trying to take some notes on how to be a more convincing IRS agent?

I said, “Why don’t you guys start a charity for all the people who don’t have any legs?”  He said, “People don’t have money here.”  I said, “There’s charities here.  Why don’t you say, ‘Hey. We work in a call center and we don’t have any legs.  Will you give us money?'”

When I asked him what time it is, he said it was almost 4:45am.  I said, “Wow.  You’re dedicated scammers to be up that early in the morning.”

Eventually I had to go do something more productive, bidding him farewell.  “Thank  you for the advice, Captain Jack Sparrow Scammer Man.”  Still no offense taken by him.  I told him I would call him back if I thought of any solutions to being discriminated against for his disability, but he said the number will most likely be changed and we’ll never talk again.

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