The Thing Which Will Not Be Named In This Title

I’ve been working a lot on my YouTube channel and learning a lot, but I was most disturbed to encounter a world I had no idea about simply because I made a playlist called “Messing With Scammers”.  Apparently I need to change the name of this because just having the word “messing” in it caused other videos to be recommended to me that automatically started playing after one of my videos!

I reported one video, then another, and another.  But I couldn’t figure out how to report them without clicking on the videos!  I think that would maybe cause more of them to be recommended to me.  I don’t even know if they are against YouTube’s policies for sure, but it’s sick and wrong.  They are marked as being for adult audiences.  OK, does anyone know a way I could block anything that is for adults?

I don’t really want to draw attention to this, but am beyond livid that people would sexualize anything associated with babies.  Apparently there is a whole underworld of people who are into “diaper messing”.  Grown people who think it’s a turn on to put on a diaper and poop or watch other people do it.  Some of these deranged people wear adult size baby clothing.

That to me sends the message, “Since it’s not legal to abuse babies, let’s just pretend adults are babies.”

What next?  I don’t see how this is OK.  Also, no longer sitting in your own waste is a rite of passage, people!  And having to sit in your own waste again is not a thing to be celebrated.

I’m sick to death of perverts, as usual.  I never wanted to know this existed. I just felt like I should say something in case anyone thinks YouTube is a safe place to surf, especially for their children.


5 comments on “The Thing Which Will Not Be Named In This Title

  1. If you go into settings, then general, there is an option called restricted. This should in theory block the most adult things.

    • Thank you! I did restricted for a while, but it also blocked things that weren’t adult at all. A friend of mine put out some new music videos and I was getting so frustrated not being able to find them, then I tried taking it off of restricted and there it was.

  2. kelsimad says:

    One thing I know you can do is turn off autoplay. Got to an video page and it’s on the left at the top of suggested list of videos. If you are signed in on youtube it should stay off.

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