Now That You’ve Decided To Sell Meal Replacement Products …..

I’ve been approached multiple times lately by friends who recently decided to sell various products to help people lose weight.  Luckily I’m not sensitive about my weight, but I cringe on behalf of those who are.  Once one commits to selling these products, just how do they go about approaching their friends and loved ones?

“So ….. uhhhhh ….. I’ve been using this product to lose weight.  And uhhhhhhh …… Do you know anyone who might want to lose weight too?”

“Hey, I was just noticing how fat you’ve gotten…..”

“Good job losing 50 pounds so far on your own using real food!  Wouldn’t you rather buy my expensive shakes?”

I think this is really too touchy a subject to be approaching those who are overweight.  Unless you know they are not touchy about it, I would say just make blanket statements on social media that you are a rep and would love to talk to anyone who is interested.  If they don’t express interest, then most likely they aren’t interested.  Some people don’t want to be sold to period whether it’s Amway, Cutco knives, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, etc.

Furthermore, if a friend hasn’t heard from you in a long time and you approach them making small talk and manage to work your new sales business into the conversation, they know that was the real reason you messaged them . I prefer the direct approach if you’re going to try to sell something to me rather than pretending you were just thinking about me.

That is all.  Don’t ruin relationships because you want to sell something.


2 comments on “Now That You’ve Decided To Sell Meal Replacement Products …..

  1. Jill says:

    What about candles? Everyone likes to buy expensive candles.

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