An Awful Analogy About Voting

I’m seeing a lot of passionate arguments as to why people should vote for either Trump or Hillary.  This is literally what it sounds like to me.

Passionate person:  Would you rather eat diarrhea in the morning or diarrhea in the evening?

Me:  I vote for no diarrhea.

Passionate person: That’s throwing your vote away!

Me:  Ummmm ……

Passionate person:  If you don’t vote for diarrhea in the evening, you’re letting diarrhea in the morning win!

Me:  I really don’t see much of a difference.  If there’s a chance at all that not eating diarrhea could win, then I have to vote my conscience.  I don’t want to feel responsible for everyone eating diarrhea.

Passionate person:  But it’s not possible not to eat the diarrhea!

Me:  I think if everyone who wants no diarrhea were brave enough to vote for no diarrhea, then no diarrhea would win.  The media has us believing that it’s impossible because they want diarrhea in the morning to win.

Passionate person:  That’s never going to happen!  Diarrhea in the morning is so much worse than diarrhea in the evening!

Me:  It’s a toss up . They both suck.

I know I’m not alone.  You’re welcome for the disgusting analogy.  That’s really how I feel.