The Bright Side of Trump Being President

A lot of my friends are really upset right now about Trump being president.  I’ve been bracing myself to be upset for months because either way was unacceptable to me. Unthinkable.

Unless you are a Hillary lover, here are some thoughts that might help you.

Because Hillary didn’t get elected, we got rid of her.  Nothing is ever going to happen to her legally, so people would have tried in vain her whole presidency to have her removed from office.

But Trump was elected and I think he is quite impeachable.  Maybe we could even prevent him from being sworn in.  How wonderful that would be!  Last night when he was declared the winner, people in my neighborhood were lighting fireworks and all I could think about was The Hunger Games.

Until then, he will continue to provide excellent material for Saturday Night Live and as for the stupid/horrible things he has vowed to do, he’s a doofus who won’t succeed.  Checks and balances, moron.

Dear Media:

This is what you get when you try to force candidates down our throats and manipulate the election.  I will think of Nov. 9th, 2016 as the day Hillary Clinton got Donald Trump elected.  Wow, Hillary.  That must be the most humiliating thing ever.  Anyone should be able to beat Trump, but you didn’t.  THAT’S HOW MUCH AMERICA DISLIKES YOU.  The media determined long ago that Hillary was destined to be the nominee.  Hillary’s camp ensured that Trump would be the Republican nominee.  Sounds like a great strategy, except they underestimated just how disgusted Americans are by her.

You manipulated it until the very end, declaring that Hillary had an 87% chance of winning.  People felt quite certain of that and they were blindsided.  Many of my friends who horrified last night when it didn’t go that way and that is because of you.

Angrily yours,

This entire thing seemed rigged to me and the only reason I’m happy right now is that it blew up in their faces when they should have let the American people decide who they wanted.  Democrats were clearly in favor of Bernie Sanders.  Knowing how many objections there were, if Hillary loves America, she should have stepped aside and given up on her dream of being the first female president.

I seriously couldn’t believe my ears when people said she should be elected because it’s time for a woman president.  The only reason a woman should be president is because she is the best candidate AND someone the American people actually want.  I couldn’t stand the though of her earning that title.  At the same time, I couldn’t stand the thought of gloating Trump in the White House either.

This is a nightmare, but I feel strangely at peace that Trump will make history in his own way.  Maybe setting a record with the shortest time in office?

I’m sad for our country and everyone who feels devastated by this election.


Worst. Election. EVER.

I made this video yesterday for anyone who feels like me or would get a laugh out of this even if they don’t feel like me.

No matter the outcome, I am going to feel very upset about who we elect as president.  When I imagine Hillary or Donald winning, I want to scream for different reasons.  The only thing I would like about Donald winning would be that it would be really humiliating for Hillary to lose to him and it would be 4 years of really great SNL material, but that’s not a good enough reason.

The only way I can deal with this is to laugh.  Happy Election Day!

My Scammer Soap Opera

As I mentioned earlier, I like to engage in “scambaiting” – where you fool a scammer into believing that you are a sucker and you waste as much of their time as possible to prevent them from moving on to a real victim or slow them down.  I think if enough people did it, it would make a huge impact.

People have been asking me what I’m going to do now that some of the IRS scammers have been arrested.  Oh, there are plenty more and I’m sure they’re just lying low at the moment.  Some of them are still active.  I learned that when they tell you you’re on a federally recorded line, they really are recording it.  Splendid!  This will make the investigators’ jobs so much easier and I hope they have a good laugh if they happen to run into one of my conversations with them.  I especially hope they hear the one where my kids and I were British for 96 minutes while causing the scammer to believe we were going to the store to purchase a “federal tax voucher”, aka iTunes gift cards.  You see, the store was 15 minutes away and then there was the usual trip to the bathroom.  Don’t worry, he wasn’t bored.  We sang annoying songs on the way there. (We just sat in our unmoving car and sang.)  YOU CAN’T RIDE IN MY RED WAGON! THE AXLE’S BROKEN AND THE WHEELS ARE DRAGGIN’!  SAME SONG! SAME VERSE! A LITTLE BIT LOUDER AND A LITTLE BIT WORSE!

This is my latest mischief.  A computer scammer called my mom and she wanted me to call and mess with them.  That number wasn’t working for me, so I located a working number and I’ve been messing with a particular scammer since Sept. 7th.   That’s almost 2 glorious months.  I haven’t talked to him on the phone in a long time though because I’m afraid I will laugh hysterically.  I just tell him I’ve been too upset to talk.

During our initial conversation, he tried to fix (gain remote access) to my computer for almost an hour.  I mean, just like he said, there was malware on it, so of course it would be acting up, right?  It must be really annoying to a computer scammer when they tell you your computer is broken and you respond that your computer is too broken for them to even do anything with it.

“Jack Williams” told me all sorts of ridiculous stuff about my IP address no longer being secure because of a broken driver.  He wanted me to go to where he could gain remote access to my computer, but I employed all sorts of antics.  The computer told me I needed to insert the repair disk.  Then I suggested maybe we restart in safe mode.  When he told me to go to, I told him, “The computer says that site isn’t available in safe mode.”  He can make up crap, so I can too, right?

At the end of that call, my friend came over to rehearse with me and I had to tell Jack (or was it his supervisor by then?) that my computer was too old and had too many issues to fix.  I would need to buy a new one.  That’s when he offered to give me a discount on security software for my new computer and he would even upload it for me.  Wow, how nice of him to offer to ruin my new computer.  I asked him repeatedly what their website was so I could shop for products and it was hilarious how he tried to get out of telling me.  “Oh, we have everything!”  It was even funnier when he started asking me if there was another computer in the house.  Nope.  “Is there a laptop?”  You see, amazingly he would be able to fix my broken driver by getting remote access to another computer.

I thought that would be the end.  The next day, Jack left a message asking if I got a new computer yet.  Nope.

He called the next day and I answered.  I explained that my husband Richard (not my husband’s real name) wouldn’t let me get a new computer.  He told me that it wasn’t like I used it for work – I mostly used it to goof around on YouTube.  Jack said he thought a computer was the “most important part of a person”, but I explained that we had many things to fix before we could replace it.

This man had invested a lot of time in me and he was determined to get something for his efforts.  This was when he suddenly took great interest in me and asked to be my Facebook friend.  He said that I make him laugh and that we should make each other laugh more.  He said, “Tell me your Facebook ID.”  I said, “How about you tell me your ID and then I’ll decide if I want to send you a Facebook request?”

So he gave me an email address that didn’t contain the name Jack Williams, but Ashwin.  He explained that his boss made them use fake names because Americans don’t like people from India.  I said that wasn’t true and that it didn’t make sense to use fake names because we can tell they’re from India.  “Oh, really?” The thing that amazes me the most is how good these scammers think they are at speaking English.  Anyway, he told me to look up his profile right that second using that email address.  I said, “I don’t have a working computer, remember?  He said, “What about your phone?”  “I don’t have a cell phone.”  He said, “You are a great lady!” sounding quite amused.

I told him I would need to go to the library to use the computer, but of course that didn’t happen for a while.  I had told him my name was Princess Buttercup and after trying and failing to make a fake Facebook account, I finally turned to Google Plus.  I knew that if I emailed Ashwin and that really was his gmail account, he would see my profile come up.

My cover photo says, “The most important thing in life is trusting everyone no matter what.”  What a delicious phrase to a scammer, right?

I finally emailed him, telling him I was at the library, but couldn’t find his profile.  I started to give out uncomfortable details about my life, making Richard sound a little more jerky by the day.  I confided in Ashwin that Richard’s friend Fred came over to fix the computer and he started rubbing my back.  After that, Fred was coming up with more excuses to come over while Richard was on his business trip in China.

Sure enough, Ashwin followed me on Google Plus and I had already started planting bizarre things.  How weird could things get before he decided maybe he didn’t want to be my friend after all?

Things got ten times more hilarious when I said I told Fred about him and he wanted to know his company’s website.  That’s when Ashwin claimed my imaginary friend had emailed him and called him a scammer.

Hey, Ashwin!  Fred is MY imaginary friend!  Of course, I was very upset with Fred.  I was so upset, I needed to confront him over email and cc Ashwin.  First I had to make a gmail account for Fred so that would be possible.  Then he was on Google Plus too.  After confronting him, he informed me (and Ashwin) that he had done no such thing, but that Ashwin was indeed a scammer, sent me a link to a news article about computer scams, and told me if I wouldn’t listen to him, maybe I would listen to Richard. He said I shouldn’t listen to Richard though because he wasn’t really in China on a business trip. He was in the Bahamas with his mistress!

Brytnie, the villainess we all love to hate in this story – she wrote back on Richard’s phone dying of laughter.  You won’t believe her evil doings.  To make things more interesting, one of my YouTube friends called Ashwin saying she was Brytnie and informed him that she was a 19-year-old stripper.  Of course, I had to write that into the story.  Brytnie is a horrible, horrible person.

Here are the current characters:

Fred Flint (who looks like Wesley from Princess Bride)
Richard (looks like Humperdinck)
Brytnie (you can only see her feet on the beach, but her later mug shot looks just like Keira Knightley)
Ethel (No profile, but she’s my feisty mother who beats people with umbrellas)
Ayma Moron (Looks like the “Mawwiage” guy from Princess Bride and was created by a YouTube friend)
Steve (Richard’s offended dad who shouts “INCONCEIVABLE!”
Charles Orchkatzelschwarf (Princess’s long lost father who needs money to come see her. Looks like Indigo Montoya)

There are more on the horizon.  I’m now managing six different fake accounts and it’s a little complicated, but exactly the laugh I need during a stressful time in my life.

If you watch through this playlist in order, you can enjoy the story Ashwin inspired and discover what his goal was.  What a little turd he is.  He will always hold a special place in my heart.  I’ll just tell you that no matter how hard things get in my fake life, Ashwin still has the nerve to ask for favors. When I called him, I never imagined it would evolve into this!  If you like my videos, don’t forget to subscribe!  🙂