Amazing Wealth Systems Workshop


UPDATE: The FTC sued these people. If you were ripped off, you can filed a complaint and there’s a chance you can get at least some of your money back.

Weeks ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to attend a seminar with her about creating a business through Amazon.  I was very skeptical and asked her if someone was going to try to sell us a timeshare or something, but she believed it was a legitimate thing endorsed by Amazon because these people were using Amazon’s logo on the “tickets”.

These people suck.

I agreed to go with her because I wanted to see her anyway, but I also like to expose scams, so why not?  We walked in and they located her on the guest list.  They asked for my name and phone number.  I’m definitely looking forward to talking to them soon.

The first photo is what we saw walking in. Gag.  Then next to the door was this.


She realized very quickly that this wasn’t a seminar or workshop at all, but a sales pitch.  It’s funny how they act like they’re doing you a favor by allowing you to come hear their 2 hour sales pitch.  Gee, thanks!  Exactly what I want to do smack in the middle of a Saturday.  The fact that it’s in a hotel conference room probably adds a dash of credibility, but anytime I hear a bunch of smarmy guys in suits promoting get rich quick schemes, I immediately roll my eyes in disgust.

Dear hotels:  Maybe you should consider not allowing financial predators to use your rooms to rip people off?  I mean, I realize you make money off of it, but come on.

This is pretty typical.  The guy whose name I don’t remember (and don’t care) talked about how he started in the military and like most government employees, they don’t make that much.  But then later he got into doing business on eBay, became a great success there, moved on to Amazon, etc.  Blah blah blah.

He had asked that we write down any questions we had and save it for the end.  Of course, what this meant was that he didn’t want to be challenged with anyone’s critical thinking skills.  Dude, if you find this, screw you.  Seriously.  There’s a special place in Hell for those who prey upon the poor/vulnerable/disabled.

Obviously you’re not THAT rich and successful if you have to depend on selling a money making “system” TO A BUNCH OF POOR PEOPLE!

I’m pretty sure some of the people there were planted too.  The ones who were immediately nodding their heads in agreement.  “Yeah!  Mmm hmm!”  That’s designed to convince others that this must be a really good idea.

Either you are an entrepreneur or you’re not.  Some people are talented at that kind of thing.  Others not at all.  Let’s stop implying that poor people “don’t want to put in the work”.  Many, many poor people bust their butts doing some of the hardest jobs around, so don’t you dare imply that there’s something wrong with them!  Every job is needed.  Do you know what the world would look like if there were no garbage men?

You then stated that what was standing in their way was fear.  Or maybe common sense?  Should a person pay $995 for a “system” that teaches them things they can learn on YouTube and blogs?

You have to have money to make money.  Poor people don’t have money.  They have crippling debt and their desperation causes them to make horrible decisions like purchasing things that will not help them, but hurt them.

Next, you said that you can’t just show up at the three day seminar and pay because everything needs to be planned out in advance – the renting of the ballroom, how many teachers there are, etc.  You are so full of crap.  Seriously.  I knew what was coming next.  You were going to pressure everyone to pay today.  Meanwhile, after you asked everyone to silence their cell phones, I sat there Googling on my tablet because screw you, vulture. Sure enough, there were a bunch of stories about you guys ripping people off and surprise, your “free gift” isn’t ever received and your website is conveniently down.

If you care about helping the poor, teach them for free.  If I ever find out the secret to making butt loads of money (in a 100% honest way), I will certainly share it for free all over the place.  With no catch.  And I won’t have to rent a conference room and dish out flattering comments I don’t mean (like you did with my friend today) to win people over.  I’m writing this blog for free right now, jackass! It’s 1:46am. I have to get up early for church, but I’m sitting here writing this and working hard just for the purpose of saving people from the likes of you.  And yes, I’m pretty poor, but I do have a YouTube channel with over 6,000 subscribers and that might eventually really pay off through my hard work. Don’t worry, I will make a video about you!

Let me tell you about my friend.  She has worked hard her whole life.  She faced a lot of hardships as an African American woman, had to start over in her career after an accident, and then got her masters degree.  Unfortunately, she was laid off after a 3 month medical leave, searched for work for many years, lost her home, finally got a job, and found out three days later that she has cancer.  She is so sick, she can’t work and she was denied disability two times.  She is trying her darnedest to find a legitimate way to make money in between vomiting sessions and was thinking maybe she could sell jewelry through Amazon, but I’m sure she can find a way without paying $995!

Don’t you dare tell one of the bravest women I know that fear is stopping her!  I wrote her a note during your lame pitch that I wanted to get gyros because I wasn’t sitting through two hours of that nonsense.  She was hoping there would be a mini break so we could leave.  Hahaha!  Like you were going to make it easier for people to leave!  I told her I would have a coughing fit, leave the room, and she could follow.  But really, I should have yelled that this was a scam.  Next time.

Now do me a favor and do some split leaps on a picket fence.





16 comments on “Amazing Wealth Systems Workshop

  1. Terry Moore says:

    Very well said! I have attended a few seminars like that, years before I became aware of scammers like this. I do hope they call you so you can give them the whipping they deserve, as only you know so well how to do! Prayers for your friend that she can get the disability to help her financially and healing for her cancer.

  2. francine juster says:


  3. James says:

    This post is a joke. I’ve had 45 years in business, 13 selling on-line and just finished the 3 day workshop. I’ll tell you one thing, anyone who takes the workshop will shorten the learning curve of selling on-line and have gained the reasonable potential of success, if willing to work at it. Feel sorry for anyone negatively influenced by this amateur blogger’s uninformed post. You are sadly missing the boat.

    • Oh, hi James. Maybe you heard the news that the FTC sued them? I’m sure you probably heard.

    • Faran says:

      James… if you check out the press release for this company being sued, it clearly states:

      “Contrary to the defendants’ promises, MOST, IF NOT VIRTUALLY ALL, purchasers do not earn the advertised income. Many of the strategies and techniques included in the “system,” such as posting fake product reviews, are deceptive and violate’s rules. As a result, purchasers who deploy the defendants’ system often experience problems with their Amazon stores, including suspension and the loss of their ability to sell on” []

      So how much did they pay you for combing the internet and bashing any article or blog that called them a scam? Do you go on tour with them, too? If you’ve been in the business for 45 years, 13 selling online, WHY would you go to this workshop? Wouldn’t it be more like you teaching them? Before you call this blogger an amateur, check your reply and make sure it’s not the pot calling the kettle black. Just sayin…

  4. Kenneth says:

    I attended one of these work shops.they are set to take moneyout of my account on a do i stop this.

  5. Barbara H. says:

    My husband and I went to one of these free seminars, mainly for the free lunch (which was quite good!) I could see it was all a scam, if you didn’t have a product to sell, they would provide you with one. And show you how to be on top of the search engines. yeah right.
    After lunch they had people get up to sign up for the next, weekend session, which I believe cost money. I was amazed to see that we were about the only people who were NOT signing up. The rest of the sheeple were getting in line to get fleeced. And the free gift was useless.

    We used to get these fliers in the mail due to being Ebay sellers. We only went to this one as we were going to be in the area that day anyway.

    You’ll never go broke underestimating people’s stupidity.

    • Thanks, Barbara! I think they actually have people there who pretend they are excited about it to influence the others. Well, I think some are people who are falling for it and others are actors. As soon as the guy started talking, there were people agreeing with him very vocally. Thanks for sharing! There wasn’t a lunch involved when we went – just a promise of a Kindle Fire when you sign up for the “education”, which was over $900 and then I read that they don’t even deliver on the gift.

  6. Faran says:

    First let me just say… I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! I found you when I got a scam IRS number and just googled it, and all these YouTube videos came up… with yours being the first! I nearly died when I saw your YouTube montage of all your scam calls. My mom and I were laughing our hardest at: “Are you going to come arrest me right now? What about my kids? Can I take a shower?” — Your dead pan is UNREAL!

    Second… as per this .gov article, if anyone reading this was scammed by this company… good news! They’re being sued by the FTC and if you gave them money, you can add your name to the lawsuit and get your money back (but it will probably take years… bummer.) Here’s the website with all that info:

    I love your passion and keep up the great work! YOU SERIOUSLY ROCK! Someone needs to do a news story on you… just sayin’…

  7. Thank you so much! I had waited for over a week for that scammer to call again so I could play Coldplay for him/do a complete 180 and act like a psycho. This is me performing for real instead of for a scammer.

    I’m so grateful for the info about these scammers being taken down. I don’t understand people who prey on the desperate.

  8. […] secrets for making money on Amazon where you likely earn thousands of dollars a month.” Read Sarah’s experience here. After reading, I did some research and found out in March of this year, the Federal Trade […]

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